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Average Gross Revenue*


Same Store Sales Growth* 2023 vs 2022

$128.7 B

Plumbing Industry Value

*For the 2023 calendar year; See Item 19, Table 1, of our April 26, 2024, Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”)

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When you join the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing team, you’ll have 100% ownership of your business. Whether you’re someone with a decades-old plumbing business that you’d like to grow or are looking into starting your first plumbing company, our team is ready to help! Our purpose is to help you build the business you’ve always wanted by providing the resources that have always been just out of reach.

We provide the following to Benjamin Franklin franchisees:

  • Ongoing Owner Support
  • Quality Business Technology
  • Access to Marketing Tools and Solutions
  • Significant Buying Power with BuyMax
  • Industry Leading Training
  • Operational Blueprints for Your Growth Plan
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Our Story
The Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Story


At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, our success is because of our dedication to treating our customers right and providing the support that our franchise owners need for growth. During our earliest days, we understood that plumbers didn’t have the best reputation for arriving at appointments on time. So we decided that making it to appointments when expected would be a cornerstone of our business. Now, we’re known as The Punctual Plumber®, thanks to the reputation for reliability that we’ve earned.

Why is this important? Because we’ve made reliability the key part of everything we do, right up to the corporate level. Our team is ready to help you take your established business to the next level or help you start a new one. We’ll be there to support you, provide the tools you need, and help you reach the customers who will love your services.

Our Plumbing Franchises Are Known for Success Nationwide
One of the best ways to show how our plumbing franchises help people find success is to let our awards do the talking for us! We’ve been included on the Franchise Top 200+ for 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023. Considered one of the most authoritative rankings of its type, this list features 500 of the largest United States franchises. Getting ranked on this list means our plumbing locations continue to grow and earn the national recognition they deserve!

About Authority Brands

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is an Authority Brands company. Across the nation, Authority Brands provides reliable home services from trusted and established companies. Whether a homeowner needs to fix a leaking pipe or install a new air conditioner, there’s likely an Authority Brands business nearby that can help!

We operate our sixteen leading home service franchises from Columbia, Maryland. From here, we’ve worked with franchisees to build successful businesses throughout hundreds of American cities.

The mission of Authority Brands is to:

  • Support franchise owners

  • Provide an elite level of home services

  • Care for our employees

We’re ready to work with you to set your business up for success. Whether you’ve been in the industry for 30 years or are looking to start your very first plumbing business, we have experience with making sure our franchise owners are set up for success.
Your Business. Our Network of Support.

Join a Team That Has Earned a National Reputation for Quality Plumbing

Owning a plumbing company doesn’t mean that you should face the challenges of doing so alone. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we’ve been helping plumbing veterans and newcomers to the industry build better plumbing companies since 2001. Our approach is simple: trust the leadership of our franchisees while providing them with the support their business needs for sustainability and growth! Our dedication to supporting our franchisees and their dedication to providing quality plumbing services have made Benjamin Franklin a trusted name across the nation! Call us now at 888-718-4128 to find out how we’ll work to take your existing plumbing company to the next level or to learn how we help new plumbing companies get a head start for success.
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